Coming to a place near you, be afraid,very afraid…


Dear All,

               An update on progress re Lews Castle Self Catering Proposals

1.       The really positive news is that there is indeed real progress being made. I met with Ian the OHTIA chairman and some other members yesterday and can assure you that they are “on the case” and putting sustained pressure on Joe MacPhee and his plans.

2.       Part of this strategy is very obvious. We need to get feedback from the industry and hence they have produced a survey, the results of which they can then use to support the case being made to the council. The survey response has been good but there is a deadline approaching, so please click here and fill it in if you haven’t done so already. It is very short and will take two minutes to do, but it is vitally importantto our case to the council.

3.        If  you think you are distant to this debate, think again. Imagine if the council have an old schoolhouse near you and cannot get rid of it. Why not turn that into a hostel or self catering?  Lews Castle is only the tip of iceberg

4.       It is already happening elsewhere, see Valtos Outdoor Centre

The completed development will see the creation of an outdoor centre complete with bunkhouse and 4 star self catering accommodation in an area of outstanding beauty.


5.       Twenty self-catering units to be built at the new St. Kilda centre?   That’s the rumour. Could be true. Who would be in pole position to operate them do you think?

Next week, Thursday 27th, NT are doing a presentation in the council chambers. Please attend if you can. I cannot be there as I’m being dragged off to a sunny place for a wee holiday. But please ask questions for me!

And get those surveys filled in !


2 thoughts on “Coming to a place near you, be afraid,very afraid…”

  1. Let’s be clear – competition is a fact of life, particularly in tourism on islands like these as they become more popular as a destination; we can accept that and use it to evolve; the issue here is that it is not competition on a level playing field. The use of public funds to subsidise private enterprise when other businesses have invested their own funds is inappropriate. It is CnES that should respond to that issue, not really NT. CnES must not be allowed to ‘hide’ behind NT.

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