Castle Opinion Survey

Are you a tourism operator in the Western Isles or just a concerned member of the public? Would you like to fill in our survey about the Castle self-catering proposals?

We value your opinions please click on the link below to fill out our survey. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

Castle Opinion Survey

6 thoughts on “Castle Opinion Survey”

  1. Thanks for your initiative on taking the concerns of many forward in a measured and purposeful manner.
    I have had Fasgadh Studio, a small self catering cottage in Tarbert, since 2005 and I have absolutely no doubt that the proposal for the Lews Castle will have a deleterous effect on my business. My business employs a local lady to do cleaning and linen washing and ironing part time at a very good hourly rate. There are many people who rely on this kind of extra income throughout the islands.
    I also find the lack of imagination shown by CnES so disappointing. A really smashing hotel would be a draw for the kind of A+ visitors who do not want to self cater, but who wish to experience the grandeur of a historic property. These are visitors who are not coming here yet and they will – and want to – pay ‘top whack’. These are the visitors who want to buy good quality art and craft work, Harris Tweed, who want to go to St Kilda, the Flannan Isles, the Shiants. There seems to be a lack of understanding of consumer behaviour and visitors’ spending habits and the wider benefits to the local economy.
    I fullly accept your points that the self catering sector has reached critical mass and that ferry capacity is an enormously important issue – have the comhairle emlpoyed any consultants with expertise in tourism?, where is the feasability / business plan?
    I will rant no more, but I wish you well in your efforts.
    Christina Campbell

  2. a travesty by elected officials who unusually for here kept their mouths shut and did not consult the public, who at the end of the day end up financing a first class amenity, for the benefit of an american entrepreneur, who will have a top quality amenity at little or no cost to themselves, funded by HIE council and various other funding bodies , who had been, and were lied to by all concerned.
    This should not be allowed to proceed as it then gives an inequality to all other tourism providers, who have not and probably never will receive any such financial assistance ,thereby giving a completely unfair advantage, to the new service provider to the complete detriment of long established local businesses who are more deserving of any such support as now proposed.

  3. I spent my own resources to build up a self catering business on Lewis – why is some foreign company getting subsidised to compete with me and my fellow accommodation providers?!

    What the island really needs is a high quality hotel to attract more big spenders into the island economy – cheap self catering suites will not do that, they will just put other self catering accommodations out of business.

  4. I wonder if pressure from the Cala group has anything to do with the situation? They were the ones likely to lose big time when the luxury hotel opened.

  5. i doubt it was the castle group,

    they have a diverse range of clientele….business groups (caladh inn), bus tours and weddings (Caberfeidh) and plenty of walking in tourists at the royal…

    i doubt a 8 bedroom high luxury 5 star would of much impact…….

    this has to do with hard financial cash that natural retreats is going to make the council…….

    this business format is undoubtedly going to take out the b and b’s and self catering establishments in town……but thats it …..the affects wont be felt out of stornoway……..cant see whitefalls (callanish) being affected as they are very much in high end of luxury

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